About Us

Southern Firewood Processors was born in 2016. Since then we are dedicated in providing high-quality  equipments for all our clients. We care about each detail and we have the expertise of some of the best engineers from forest industry. They have the ability to be close to you in choosing the right equipments for your needs. Industrial or home use, our range of equipments covers all your needs.

We work with companies that are in business for over 70 years, dedicated in make heavy wood working jobs easier. Day by day our job is to offer true power and great performance!
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Our Products


New spring catalogue where you can discover beside the products, our new entries machines. The catalogue includes all the technical information of each product and is a true guide in choosing the right machines for your need.

The fully automatic firewood processor at a glance

SpaltFix K-660 a-Vario is he new splitter-cutter processes logs up to 65 cm in diameter to high-quality firewood – it cuts, splits and loads them without operator input.
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The firewood saw WippCut is the entry-level model among the saws with mounted belt. It processes the logs in a single operation and can then be loaded directly onto a trailer, for example. NEW is also the patented sliding safety cover.
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